Tabletop Sales: Reminder

We have a few tabletop sale slots left – specifically, one premium 10am slot and a handful of later (1:30pm onwards) ones. For those not familiar with the process, you can book a slot for an hour (plus 5 mins load in and out on each end) on one of the four tables in Studio 1 to… what’s the nice way of putting it?… downsize your stash/lead pile? monetise the stuff that falls off wonky shelves on your head?

Whichever way – it’s a chance for you to have a stall for an hour to shift stuff you don’t want any more to a ready-made audience of gamers who want it more than you do! Table slots are purchasable from the sidebar.

We would ask, as a courtesy to other traders (and we’re aware our store won’t let us restrict this in software), if potential traders could restrict themselves to a maximum of three slots.

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