2019 Winners part 1

Congratulations to our trophy winners for this year:

The Steve Frisby Memorial Trophy (for the game we as a club most wish we’d put on) went to Cheshunt Wargamers for “Mosquito Strike: Norway” – we were torn between this and at least two others.

The Nick Hawkins Memorial Trophy, for the best build, went (again, not without a little debate) to the Scimitar Wargames Group for their stunning Jerusalem 1967 table.

Congratulations to both, and indeed to everyone else for the consistently high standard of tables at this year’s show.

Hereward: Sponsors

A particular thank you is due from the show committee to our sponsors this year. So… thank you to:

Footsore, who provided the gorgeous show hoplite miniature;

ABC Brushes, who provided prizes from their excellent range of brushes for the painting competition; and

The Rift for once again sponsoring and organising our X-Wing Tournament.

(Watch this space for winners from the latter two!)

There will hopefully be even more opportunities for sponsoring next year’s show, and our publicity team will be in touch well ahead of time.

Hereward 2019 – it’s a wrap

So that’s another Hereward in the can: a year with some new faces alongside the familiar, some great games, a record for advance ticket sales, and all in all a great day.

Our thanks to everyone who came, be they traders, gamers, attendees, from Peterborough Wargames Club and the show committee. If you have any feedback you’d like to share on the show, please do fill out our feedback form, as praise and constructive criticism are what help us make this a better show.

Look out for some posts over the coming days with more pictures and our various award, tournament and competition winners. Fates willing, we’ll be back for Hereward 6 on Sunday September 6th 2020, same place, same time. See you there!

Advance sales CLOSED

‘Twas the night before Hereward, and all through the Mill,
Just the chairman was stirring, one more task to fulfil.
The show guides all folded, for gamers to share,
And figures from Footsore for those who were there.

Tables and scenery packed, all in piles
With boxes and papers, to go the few miles
To the Cresset, at daybreak, to lay out the hall,
With games and with traders from near to far wall…

[Chairman’s note: If you think I’m writing all 14 verses of this, you have another think coming :D]

With a click of his mouse, he turned advance sales away,
And with another set spreadsheets to print for the day.
Then turned off the lights, said with smile on his lip,
“We’ll see you tomorrow, to all a safe trip!”

Two days to go…

…so here’s the important things to remember:

  • It’s not too late to book in advance, save £2 and guarantee yourself a copy of our show miniature (limited to the first 250 folks!). However, advance booking will close at 10:00pm on Saturday 31st August (so our chairman can print off the checklists in time for Sunday!)
  • The map and directions to the show are here. There will be signage to help you get there, but the important thing to remember is that if you wind up in the Sainsbury’s car park a) you’re at the wrong end of the Cresset and b) it’s not free (unlike ours). Also note that the overflow parking is in the Royal HaskoningDVH car park on the south side of their building. There will be someone in the main car park to direct you once that becomes full.
  • Bring your wallet and your sense of fun. Our traders have lots of stuff to entice you with, and all the folks running games will be more than willing to answer questions and more than likely let you roll dice.

Painting Competition: Reminder/Update

For those planning on bringing entries to our painting competition, we’ve updated the timings a little on the (optional) entry form. For clarity:

  • Entries must arrive by 11:00am on the day. You will be directed to stand T10 (our club stand) where you will be asked to fill out a form for each entry (including contact details so we can chase you up to collect your entry and possibly your prize) and given a numbered ticket for it.
  • They will be displayed in a cabinet next to stand T10 (which will be manned at all times). By entering this competition you accept that Peterborough Wargames Club will not be held liable for any loss, damage or theft of any entries.
  • The results will be announced and prizes awarded at 1:00pm at/round stand T10.
  • You will be able to collect your entries from 2:00pm on presentation of your ticket (to allow folks time to look at the winners!).

There will be seven categories, as follows:

  • Historical:
    • Single figure
    • Unit
    • Vehicle
  • Non-historical:
    • Single figure
    • Unit
    • Vehicle
  • Junior (anything, under 16s)

The prizes are being generously donated by the lovely folks at ABC Brushes.

To help us gauge interest, and ensure we have enough secure display space for everyone’s entries, it would be really helpful if you could fill out this form in advance if you’re intending to enter. (We won’t hold you to it, but it will help our planning.). If you have any queries, please use the available space on the form, or drop an email to paintingcompetition@hereward-wargames.co.uk.

Tabletop Sales: Reminder

We have a few tabletop sale slots left – specifically, one premium 10am slot and a handful of later (1:30pm onwards) ones. For those not familiar with the process, you can book a slot for an hour (plus 5 mins load in and out on each end) on one of the four tables in Studio 1 to… what’s the nice way of putting it?… downsize your stash/lead pile? monetise the stuff that falls off wonky shelves on your head?

Whichever way – it’s a chance for you to have a stall for an hour to shift stuff you don’t want any more to a ready-made audience of gamers who want it more than you do! Table slots are purchasable from the sidebar.

We would ask, as a courtesy to other traders (and we’re aware our store won’t let us restrict this in software), if potential traders could restrict themselves to a maximum of three slots.

Guest: Dr. Harry Sidebottom

We’re delighted to welcome back historian, best-selling author, wargamer and all-round good egg Dr. Harry Sidebottom to the show this year, with copies of his various best-selling historical novels in hand for you to buy, and a Sharpie to sign then with.

He has been writing historical fiction set in his favourite period, the Crisis of the 3rd Century, since 2006 with the Warrior of Rome series, as well as a well-received book on Ancient Warfare (which our chairman has actually even read!). He’s also a very entertaining after-dinner speaker (as those of us who attended the club Christmas dinner a few years back can attest), and is a keen wargamer, so see if you can entice him to have a go at one of the games on offer! Harry will be on hand to talk about all of the above in his usual spot between the Concourse and Studio 2.