Downtime – Apologies

We’re really sorry for those of you who were trying to get on the show site after Partizan – unfortunately the server that hosts both the club and show sites decided to throw a sizeable tantrum this morning (of course). Fortunately, we have daily backups, and our chairman (who’s also our webmaster) has been moving everything to a new and faster server today.

It all seems to be back now, so you should be able to use our contact forms, and we should be able to respond to your emails.

Footsore Miniatures and Games

Our headline sponsors for this year are once again the fabulous Footsore Miniatures and Games, creators of a brilliant range of 28mm figures in a variety of periods, as well as the excellent Gangs Of Rome and Mortal Gods games.

We have lots of exciting things planned, just as soon as we can make time in our and their busy schedules to put our heads together and sort them out. Until then? Watch this space.

Early bird trader reminder

Just in case you were thinking of booking a trade stand for Hereward, or have a form but haven’t sent it back yet? A reminder that the 10% early bird discount on stand rates ends on May 31, in just over two weeks.

If you’re interested and don’t have a form, please drop us a line at the link above, or bug Mike or Reuben (who may well be coming to bug you :D) at Partizan.

Tabletop Sale!

Slots are now available to book for the tabletop sale now: see the sidebar for details.

We’ve arranged things pretty much as last year. There are five one hour slots, starting at 10am, but this year we have allowed for 10 mins slack between each slot for changeover (i.e. the second slot is 11:10-12:10 and so on). If you’re booked in for the 10am slot you’ll be able to get in a little bit ahead of time to set up. We’ve left the prices as last year (weighted so the start of day slots are a little more) – please remember that your ticket purchase is for a single one hour slot.

We would ask, as a courtesy to other traders (and we’re aware our store won’t let us restrict this in software) potential traders could restrict themselves to a maximum of three slots initially.

Painting Competition

Yes, we’re having a painting competition!

There will be seven categories, as follows:

  • Historical:
    • Single figure
    • Unit
    • Vehicle
  • Non-historical:
    • Single figure
    • Unit
    • Vehicle
  • Junior (anything, under 16s)

The precise details of the categories will be posted in due course, as will the judges, and the prizes, which latter are being generously donated by the lovely folks at ABC Brushes.

You will be able to bring your entries and fill out a form on the door. However, to help us gauge interest, and ensure we have enough secure display space for everyone’s entries, it would be really helpful if you could fill out this form in advance if you’re intending to enter. (We won’t hold you to it, but it will help our planning.). If you have any queries, please use the available space on the form, or drop an email to

Games for Hereward

A reminder that we are looking for games for the show (Sept 1st!). We’d very much like to place the emphasis on participation, as we believe that the show should be a place where people can get involved and try things out.

If you are interested in bringing a game to the show, there is an application form available on the site, or you can talk to us at any show we’re at (the next two are Campaign: MK and Partizan).

A panorama of the show in its first year.
Sovereign Hall panorama