Game: “Arnhem – We Came by Glider”

RAF Cranwell are bringing a game set during Operation:Market Garden.

“The landing went well but was a little bumpy, most of the chaps have got together, can we make it to our first objective.” Lead a section of the King’s Own Scottish Borderers as your platoon fights its way forward through growing German resistance.

Who can lead their section to the objective? Who will be brave enough to silence the machine gun nest? Will your training and courage be enough?

Trader: Sleeping Dragon Hobbyshop

Sleeping Dragon are a newcomer to Hereward, and we’re delighted to have them.

While there are plenty of miniatures companies plying their wares, and more than enough companies selling laser-cut MDF kits nowadays, there are very few places that a wargamer can get hold of decent quality modelling and scenic supplies – that still seems to be the province of model railways enthusiasts. Sleeping Dragon want to change that by bringing those products to the wargaming market, giving wargamers a place to fulfil all their scenic modelling needs.

Game: “The Second Battle of Moy Tura”

The Second Battle of Moy Tura is famous in Celtic mythology for the defeat of Balor of the Evil Eye and his Fomorians by Lugh and the Tuatha de Danaan.

James Morris, Tom Webster-Deakin and friends (sometimes masquerading as Lenton Gamers, and frequent visitors to these parts with typically stunning games) are having a crack at ‘refighting’ the battle using an array of classic old- and new-school 28mm miniatures, a number of gods of the ancient Celts and a set of home-brewed rules.

Trader: Creative Painting and Models

A newcomer to Hereward and a local, Creative Painting and Models supply an ever expanding range of tabletop war gaming miniatures and scenery.

In addition, they are sculpting their own miniatures at the moment: Saxon, Vikings, 3rd & 4th Century, crusaders and some Fantasy. Check them out at Hereward!

Trader: Ironclad Miniatures

A welcome back to Hereward for another year for Ironclad Miniatures, with a variety of ranges in 15mm, 20mm, and 28mm scales, including WWII terrain, Victorian Sci-Fi, Very British Civil War and more. Lots of original pieces you won’t see anywhere else.

Their models are supplied unpainted and some may require some assembly. All of the products are cast in either a high quality resin or whitemetal, providing excellent detail and requiring only the minimum of cleaning up and assembly. They can be painted with acrylic, enamel or oil paints as required.

They are continually adding to their existing ranges as well as bringing out new ranges so make sure to check their website regularly for the latest news.

Game: “Wonky Races”

We saw this piece of delightful insanity at Partizan earlier in the year, and just knew we had to bring it to Hereward.

What can we say… if you grew up when half of the committee did, you’ll recognise the kids’ TV race show that inspired it, and if not, you’ll enjoy it anyway. Gary Lyon and the Good Old Boys have produced some wacky (see what we did there?) two dimensional cartoon scenery and borrowed just about every trope from the genre they could lay their hands on. We don’t know if you get a medal for winning (by fair means or dastardly), but you could always ask… (medal… medal… medal!)

[Ok, that’s it,. the men in white coats have come for the chairman…]

Trader: The Pit

The Pit Gaming Shop is a friendly gaming shop run by gamers and collectors for gamers and collectors. They provide a fast, efficient service with a wealth of knowledge, experience and excellent customer service.

The Pit sells all types of war gaming miniatures and games, role-playing games, modelling supplies, action figures, board games, card games, trading cards, books and comics plus many more geeky, nerdy, awesome toys and collectable things! For Hereward, they will be demoing some of Mantic Games newest games.