Trader News

For the 12th Hereward 2018 trader we pleased to welcome back the manufacturers of titles such as Kings of War and Star Saga, yes it’s Mantic Games!

With popular fantasy miniatures range Kings of War, the science fiction sports board game DreadBall and the mass battle wargame Warpath, Mantic’s games are simple and innovative, making them easy to learn, fast to play and above all else, fun. Mantic will have a selection of their games on sale and will be happy to give demo games of some of their more recent releases.

Trader News

The 11th trader we can confirm as attending this year’s show is Lesley’s Bits Box. Lesley sells a wide variety of pre-loved wargames models and accessories and also stocks most new Games Workshop releases at a 10% discount against RRP.

Alongside Lesley will be her husband Ian who will be selling the great range of KR Multicase storage cases and foam.


Trader News

The 10th trader we can unveil for Hereward 2018 is Ironclad Miniatures.

Ironclad Miniatures was founded in 2005 by John Lowen, with a commitment to producing well-made and thoroughly researched models for gaming in a wide variety of scales and periods. Their products are all manufactured to a high standard and cover 15mm, 20mm and 25/28mm amongst others. They are continually adding to their ranges as well as bringing out new ranges so make sure to check their website regularly for the latest news.

Ironclad have supported us since the first Hereward show and we are most greatful for their continued support.

Trader News

For the 9th Hereward 2018 trader we are pleased to welcome back the slightly warped minds of the guys at Hysterical Games.

Hysterical Games is a collective of dribbling wrecks who are only content when designing odd settings for odd games for odd folk! They are the owner, manufacturer and distributor of Panzerfäuste – the Historo-Fantasy miniatures game where the British are Orcs, the Germans are Dwarves and there are Bears for tanks!

Trader News

The 8th confirmed trader for Hereward 2018 is a new name run by an old(er) face. Say hello to Firepower Games.

Firepower Games is a new company but they have over ten years experience in the wargaming industry and over fifty years gaming experience!
They specialise in the following game systems: Dust 1947; Wings of Glory; By Fire and Sword; Battlefront Miniatures – Flames of War, Team Yankee, Nam & GF9 products; Hot & Dangerous; Anno Domini 1666; Sails of Glory. They we will also be stocking other wargaming bits and pieces.

SAGA Tournament

This year, we’re going to be running a SAGA Melée again at Hereward: this time, Andy from Ainsty Castings has very generously agreed to be the ‘man in charge’ for the event.

You can sign up here – entry is £10 including show admission. The rules pack will be updated shortly, just as soon as Andy gets it to us.

Gaslands Tournament!

We are beyond delighted to announce that this year, we have invited Mike Hutchinson, author of the hit post-apocalyptic driving/combat game Gaslands, to come and run a tournament at the show.

If you haven’t come across the game yet, we strongly recommend it – it’s a massive hit at our club, and winner of the UK Games Expo award for Best Miniatures Rules (both judges’ award and public vote).

If you’re interested, you can sign up via the link above or on the right: entry is £10 including show admission, and we will be using the Gaslands Organised Play rules that Mike has drafted.

Footsore Miniatures

We’re delighted to announce that our headline sponsors for this year’s show are the fabulous Footsore Miniatures.

As well as producing (from the hands of sculptor Bill Thornhill) several ranges of fantastic Dark Ages figures, they also produce the brilliant Gangs of Rome game and its supporting  cast of miniatures.

They have promised us what sounds like the perfect giveaway figure for this year’s show, and as soon as we have a sculpt to show you, it’ll be up on the site.

Trader News

The 6th trader we can announce for our 2018 show is another Hereward everpresent as we welcome back David Lanchester Military Books!

David Lanchester Military books specialises in good quality military books. You may even find those rare military books and out of print items, you have been looking for. These range from ancient, medieval and renaissance periods through the Napoleonic period and into the 20th century. Added to these, there are many wargame related titles.