Game List

As the hosts of the Hereward show, Peterborough Wargames Club are most grateful to the following individuals and organisations for agreeing to volunteer their free time to host games at the show. Names with PWGC in brackets are Peterborough Wargames Club members. Here’s the current list for the 2024 (updated 06/06):

earn to Play 40K – Biggleswade Warhammer & Tabletop Gaming Group
A Whiff of Grape – Big On Strategy
The Eagle Has Landed… Sort Of – Cowards Wargames Club Norfolk
Hitman: Ninja Edition – Dan Richardson (PWGC)
Clockwork Log Rafts – Doncaster Wargames Society
Undaunted Battle of Britain – Grantham Strategy and Gaming Club
BattleTech: Alpha Strike – Mike Whitaker (PWGC)
To Be Confirmed – Scimitar Games Group
Sails of Glory – Sails of Glory UK
The Walking Dead Miniatures Game – The Pit Gaming Shop
Trench Offensive – Pandyman Entertainment
Bedford Billhooks Bash – Bedford Gladiators
Guildford Courthouse 1781 – Huntingdon and District Wargames Club
Welcome to Role Playing Games – Peterborough Regional Gaming Society
Star Wars Hoth – Cheshunt Wargamers
Hereward’s Revenge – Dan Philips (PWGC)
What A Survivor – Hobby Hive
Kett’s Rebellion 1549 – New Buckenham Historical Wargamers
Aeonian Void – Chris Solly / Kitt Miniatures
Halo Flashpoint – Brian Edwards / Empire Game Store

If you are interested in hosting a game at this year’s show please use the Game Application Form located here to get in touch.