Game List

Here’s our current list for the 2018 show.

G01 Peterborough Wargames Club Dambusters Challenge Do you have what it takes to breach the Mohne Dam?
G02 The Rift Game Demos Try your hand at Magic with the The Rift
G03 Stand to Games Ltd Over Malvern Hill A small example of a new rules set for mass battles  in the American Civil War, from Stand to Games Ltd authors Adrian and Quinton following the successful Over the Hills Napoleonic rule set and Rise and Fight Again ( Over Bunker Hill ) AWI rules set.
G04 North London Wargames Group Viking longships Last man standing wins… Playmobil Viking boats – 6 players per game… Putting the fun back into games!
G05 Gamers Fortress Gamers Smorgasbord With support from gaming companies such as Mantic, Macrocosm, Thunderchild Miniatures, Daruma and West Wind, Gamers Fortress presents a smorgasbord of demo and introductory games to allow players a taste of games from across the spectrum of the industry.
G06 Bedford Gladiators A Saga about some Sharp Practice in the Congo A group of intrepid British explorers led by Colonel Brown Horrocks has “liberated” a priceless artefact from a sacred site in the jungle. They are trying to make their way back to the relative safety of the port of Erinea but are being hounded by Pygmies of the Wherethehellawi tribe who want there artefact back. Meanwhile an Anglo-Turkish force in marching to the rescue. The Naval Brigade under Captain Povy and Sub-Lieutenant Philips are tasked with saving the expedition. Their Turkish allies have their own agenda which is to rescue a German advisor, Herr Flick, who has fallen into the hands of some Zanzibari slavers who run the port of Erinea.
G07 Grantham Strategy Club Warfighter Nam A chance to try out a card driven squad level game, using a 2D map of locations, giving generic info such as Lowlands, Elevated or Water. Squad is made up of Players,(have a hand of cards and equipment), Non-Player (that have weapons) and Squad soldiers moving through locations to their objective. Events and the environment play a large part in the game.
G08 Southend Wargames Club Their Other Finest Hour 2018 is the centenary of the Royal Air Force. To commemorate this, the club is refighting episodes from the siege of Malta from its commencement in June 1940 to November 1942. This will include the fighter defences as well as the strikes against the transports that were the lifeline for the Axis forces in North Africa.
G09 Huntingdon and District Wargames Society Punic Wars Try your hand at commanding the Romans or Carthaginians in a really BIG battle!
G10 Peterborough Wargames Club Grab them by the belt! Participation game simulating a Viet Cong attack on a US army convoy.
G11 RAF Cranwell Wargamers Battle of HedgeleyMoor Historical refight of the 1464 battle of Hedgeley Moor in Northumberland.  Participants invited to be either Yorkist of Lancastrian field commanders.  Let‚Äôs see if history can be rewritten!
G12 Peterborough Wargames Club Britannia Aflame The ambush of the 9th Legion in 60/61AD
G13 Northampton Battlefields Society Northampton 1460 A quick historical run througb the unique battle fought at Northampton’s Delapre Abbey in July 1460.  Will history repeat itself or can you impose yourself on the course of great events?  Play Northampton 1460 and see.