Trader News

Trader number 18 is perhaps the smallest attending our show but is perfectly formed and rather interesting! Welcome back Second Thunder.

Second Thunder are the publishers of splendid Open Combat rule set – a game about close encounters between small groups of individuals. Due to the ‘close-up’ nature of the game you can apply a much more personal approach, putting your own flavour to things which is not appropriate in the more broad brush strokes required for larger engagement games.

If you get the chance we highly recommend you have a chat and a demo game with Carl.

Trader News

Trader number 16 for Hereward 18 are also new to us this year. Please welcome The Pit Gaming Shop.

The Pit Gaming Shop is a friendly gaming shop run by gamers and collectors for gamers and collectors. They provide a fast, efficient service with

With a wealth of knowledge, experience and excellent customer service, The Pit sells what gamers and collectors want. All types of war gaming miniatures and games, role-playing games, modelling supplies, action figures, board games, card games, trading cards, books and comics plus many more geeky, nerdy, awesome toys and collectable things!

Trader News

The 15th trader we can announce as attending Hereward 18 are newcomers to our show. Please say hello to TableScape.

TableScape manufactures model scenery for use with 25-30mm figures.  Some pieces, such as their range of modular hills, are suitable for use with other scales. They try to cater for a wide variety of eras from the early modern, through the present, and into the future.  Some ranges are aimed at specific periods or geographical locations, but they have tried to design the models for potential wider use so their customers can get the most out of their purchases.

Trader News

The 14th trader attending this year’s show is also the show sponsor, so please say a friendly hello to Footsore Miniatures.

Footsore Miniatures was established to provide high quality metal miniatures for gamers and collectors alike. Its foundation is built on the old Musketeer Miniatures range of figures and continues to be principally sculpted by the same designer, Bill Thornhill.

Footsore Miniatures is a trading name for War Banner Limited so this stand will also carry War Banner’s rather splendid Gangs of Rome game which has been gaining popularity recently, and will also have a large selection of MDF buildings and accessories from the Sarissa Precision range.

Trader News

The 13th trader for Hereward 2018 are locals in the shape of PE2 Collectables.

PE2 Collectables focus primarily on supplying historical models at a discount so if you want Conquest Games, Fireforge Games, Gripping Beast plastics, Perry Miniatures plastics, Renedra, Victrix or Warlord Games they are one of the traders to see as they offer discounts of up to 20% off RRP. They are also agents for the excellent Early War Miniatures 20mm scale WW2 range and carry a variety of 2nd hand items!

Trader News

For the 12th Hereward 2018 trader we pleased to welcome back the manufacturers of titles such as Kings of War and Star Saga, yes it’s Mantic Games!

With popular fantasy miniatures range Kings of War, the science fiction sports board game DreadBall and the mass battle wargame Warpath, Mantic’s games are simple and innovative, making them easy to learn, fast to play and above all else, fun. Mantic will have a selection of their games on sale and will be happy to give demo games of some of their more recent releases.

Trader News

The 11th trader we can confirm as attending this year’s show is Lesley’s Bits Box. Lesley sells a wide variety of pre-loved wargames models and accessories and also stocks most new Games Workshop releases at a 10% discount against RRP.

Alongside Lesley will be her husband Ian who will be selling the great range of KR Multicase storage cases and foam.


Trader News

The 10th trader we can unveil for Hereward 2018 is Ironclad Miniatures.

Ironclad Miniatures was founded in 2005 by John Lowen, with a commitment to producing well-made and thoroughly researched models for gaming in a wide variety of scales and periods. Their products are all manufactured to a high standard and cover 15mm, 20mm and 25/28mm amongst others. They are continually adding to their ranges as well as bringing out new ranges so make sure to check their website regularly for the latest news.

Ironclad have supported us since the first Hereward show and we are most greatful for their continued support.