Hereward Highlights

We’re actually really excited about the range of things we have for you at this year’s show: it’s been fun, if hard work, drawing it all together, but here are some things to look out for.

Games. We’re delighted to have both of the award-winning games from The Other Partizan last month, the Too Fat Lardies‘ colonial game of Sharp Practice 2 and (at very short notice) the Harrogate club’s stunning Retreat From Moscow game using the same ruleset. Even if you don’t like historical, check out the latter’s use of one of the Cigar Box mats to great effect. On top of that, James Morris and Simon Miller are back from last year with another huge To The Strongest ancients game, as are the two Andy’s from our club with another colonial game using Osprey’s Men Who Would Be Kings. For the fantasy and sci-fi fans, the Milton Keynes club have a big Warhammer 9th age game, and the folks from the 30kchannel have brought a demo table. If you brought your pointy hat, last year’s winners of the Steve Frisby Memorial Trophy, the guys from Huntingdon, have a wizards duel, or you can go broomstick racing on the Discworld with the Grantham gamers.

If you want to try out new stuff, John Austin and his team of demonstrators have a literal smorgasbord of small skirmish games for you to try. In addition, local board game group Posh Games, tournament sponsor The Rift and our new pop-up café The Den have various board games on show to pique your interest.

As for traders: we’re got everything from the big guns (Warlord, Foundry and Mantic) to a wide range of smaller figure and game manufacturers, some of whom have demo games for your pleasure as well – look out for Richard on headline sponsor Gripping Beast‘s SAGA table, as well as Crooked Dice‘s 7TV mountain fastness.

We’ve only barely scratched the surface here: come and have a look!

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