Game List

Here’s our current list for the 2016 show.

Bedford Gladiators Battle of Culloden
Crooked Dice Game Design Studio 7TV – wargaming in the world of cult TV
Devil Pig Demo team Heroes / Shadows over Normandie
East Anglia Hobbit Community Lord of the Rings
Forest of Dean Gamers Martian Practice
Gamers Fortress Gamers Smorgasbord
Grantham Strategy and Gaming Club Discworld Witch Racing around the Unseen University
Gripping Beast SAGA demo
Harrogate Wargames Club 1812 Retreat From Moscow
Huntingdon & District Wargames Society Wizards Duel
Hysterical Games Demonstration game
Lenton Gamers The Roman Wars in Spain
Milton Keynes Wargame Society Fantasy Battles in the Ninth Age
Peterborough Wargames Club Hereward attacks Peterborough
Peterborough Wargames Club Sudan Participation Game
Posh Games Various board games
The Rift Various demo games
Sails of Glory Anchorage Sails of Glory
Second Thunder  Open Combat
Simon Crow  The Devil’s Mansion
Southend Wargames Club Battle of Benfleet
Spartan Games Halo Ground Command
The Den Games Café X-Wing Miniatures, Star Trek Fleet Captains, Space Cadets: Dice Duel, Castle Panic
the30kchannel Warhammer 30k
Too Fat Lardies  Viva Ras Begus!
Very British Civil Forum Canal Commandos
Wargames Foundry Demonstration Game
Wings of Glory Aerodrome WW1 Air Campaign