X-Wing Tournament Update

A note for all X-Wing tournament entrants – by dint of some subtle furniture arranging on the ground (the venue let us in to check setup this afternoon), we’ve made enough space to fit the X-Wing tournament in next to the Rift’s stand (T13), so there will be step-free access for entrants AND you won’t have to trapse up and downstairs for food and to spend your money (our traders like it when you spend money!).

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Remember the tournament starts at 9am!

Show Awards

As for the past two years, we will be awarding the Steve Frisby Memorial Trophy for the best game in the show, as voted for by our members. (OK, to be fair, ‘voted for’ usually translates to the chairman running round the show at 2:30 and canvassing the opinions of any members who haven’t passed out from exhaustion, but you get the general idea!). our criteria tend to be that the winner is a game we think Steve would have enjoyed, and that we as a club wish we’d have come up with!

Past winners have been:

    • 2015 – Huntingdon Wargames Club – Catch The Pigeon
    • 2016 – Forest Of Dean Gamers – Martian Practice

In addition, this year, we’re beginning a new award, the Nick Hawkins Memorial Trophy. This is a little bit different, in that it is entirely 3D printed with the exception of the plaque: the base and stand are printed in a wood effect filament, and the plane itself is one of Nick’s own 3D design files of a Hawker Hotspur. We’ve chosen to award it to the game we consider the best build, be it the best scenery or the cleverest bit of engineering – we think Nick would have liked it that way.

A day to go!

So just a few last minute notes.

Pre-sales for general admission (£3) will close at 11pm tonight. After that you will only be able to pay at the door (£5). Accompanied under 16s are (still) free.

Directions: the big reminder (and we say this every year!) – if you can see Sainsbury’s, you’re parked in the wrong place and will be charged. Follow the signs to the show, and park as directed by our nice marshals in their hi-vis jackets and your parking is free! (If the main car-park is full, the overflow is a bit further down Rightwell E – we’ll direct you.)

All the show barring the X-Wing tournament is on the ground floor with step-free access – the latter is upstairs in the Fitzwilliam Suite, reachable by stairs opposite our registration desk. There is wheelchair access to the tournament area – please contact one of the club members on reception and we’ll sort that out for you.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Dr. Harry Sidebottom

We’re delighted to announce that historian, best-selling author and wargamer Dr. Harry Sidebottom will be appearing at the show. As well as a well-received book on Ancient Warfare, he has been writing historical fiction set in his favourite period, the Crisis of the 3rd Century, since 2006 with the Warrior of Rome series. He’s also a very entertaining after-dinner speaker (as those of us who attended the club Christmas dinner can attest), and is a keen wargamer – check out his appearance on the Meeples and Miniatures podcast for more on that, or just ask him!

Harry will be on hand to talk about all of the above at stand T10, between the Concourse and Studio 2.

(Another) Trader Update!

Yes, another one. But it’s all good news this time!

After much frantic emailing this afternoon we can now announce that Daruma Productions, Grubby Tanks and Madhouse Miniatures have agreed to attend this year’s show.

Daruma are an independent games production and marketing company that produce a neat range of clothing and accessories both for themselves and many of the “boutique” games that have been released in the last 12 months, and are also the manufacturers of the rather twisted SLA Industries game. www.daruma.productions.

Grubby Tanks and Britannia Miniatures are producers of a wide range of 15, 20 and 28mm miniatures covering a number of historical periods and also have a nice range of painted models for sale. www.grubbytanks.com

Madhouse Miniatures is bought to you by Mark Sproston, the man behind the excellent Barrage show in Stafford. Madhouse has lots of 2nd hand GW for sale. Seriously. LOTS!


We have our usual selection of participation and demo games this year – a mix of historical and speculative, some of which you may have seen at shows around the region.

Among the games we have a couple of re-creations of local battles, one from the ECW (the battle of Stilton) and one from the Dark Ages (Holme), as well as an interesting revisionist take on Hastings from the Southend guys. For those who missed it at Partizan, Lenton Gamers’ fabulous Oppy Wood 1917 game will be making a reappearance on the show circuit, and John Austin’s merry crew will be back with a smorgasbord of small skirmish games you can dip into, as will local board games club Posh Games and the Rift.

Plenty of stuff to enjoy – hopefully you’ll find something new you want to try and, hopefully, buy.

Trader Update

Unfortunately we have had two more traders withdraw from this year’s show. We are sorry that both Oathsworn Miniatures and Original Laser Designs will not be attending.

We do though have one new trader to announce. Thanks to Christoper Morris books for stepping in and filling one of the gaps! Christopher hopes to build a reputation as the provider of books by the enthusiast for the enthusiast. This will be built upon the efforts of a dedicated team of information professionals who will cater to the needs of a discriminating audience – people who know exactly what they like but who are perhaps not always sure how to get it.

With the recent withdrawals of some traders we have a small amount of space free. If you are a trader, or know a trader who might be interested please contact us ASAP: trade@hereward-wargames.co.uk