Trader News

Here is the full list of traders signed up to attend Hereward this year. Make sure you get any orders for collection in to them ASAP!

Asylum Wargaming –
Black Pyramid Gaming –
Brigade Models –
Colonel Bills –
Crooked Dice –
Daruma / SLA –
David Lanchester Military Books –
Diplomatist Books –
Emperor Toad’s Emporium –
Grubby Tanks / Britannia Miniatures –
Ironclad Miniatures  –
Lesley’s Bits Box –
Leven Miniatures –
Mantic Games  –
Miniaturemen –
Original Laser Designs –
Second Thunder  –
Sgts’ Mess
The Rift –
Too Fat Lardies –
Twisted Pinnacle –
Wargames Foundry –
Wargames Ilustrated –
Warlord Games –
7th Heaven Games –


Entry pages for all our tournaments are now up, including the Magic: The Gathering and X-Wing events. It’s definitely not too late to enter, and we can (at a pinch) accept entries on the day for most of the tournaments, but it’s much easier for us to plan room layouts and the like if we have a decent idea of numbers in advance.

Thanks to Trev at The Rift for stepping in to run our X-Wing tournament, and providing some excellent prize support as well.

N.B. The issue with ticket downloads should now be resolved: if you’re still experiencing difficulty, please drop us a line at the info@ address on the right, and we’ll sort it out.

Trader News

The 26th confirmed trader for Hereward 2016 is Mantic Games! Mantic are wellMANTIC known as the publishers of such diverse games as Warpath, Deadzone, Dreadball, Mars Attacks, Kings of War and Dungeon Saga. As well as a retail stand, Mantic will be running demos of some of their games which you can join in, and of course there is our Dreadball tournament for which tickets are still available through the link on the right.

Trader News

The 24th and 25th confirmed traders for Hereward 2016 are both rules publishers!

First up we weTOOFATLARDIESlcome the TooFatLardies. Too Fat Lardies is a vibrant wargames development partnership that produces an ever growing range of rule sets for what they think are discerning wargamers. The emphasis with any of their rule sets is on replicating the real core issues for each of the periods. The emphasis is on what Clausewitz described as “friction” on the battlefield, along side the stresses and pressure of command.

We are alsoSECOND THUNDER very pleased to welcome Second Thunder who will be promoting and selling their “Open Combat” skirmish rules which are suitable for any pre-gunpowder historical period or fantasy setting.

Trader News

The 23rd confirmed trader for Hereward 2016 doesn’t really require any introduction, bwargames_foundry_front_logout we’ll do a little one anyway. We are extremely very pleased to welcome the manufacturer of the largest range of 28mm miniatures IN THE WORLD:

Wargames Foundry!

We’ll be releasing the names of the final few traders over the next few days so keep checking back. We’re both pleased and sorry to say that we have now sold all the trade space for Hereward 2016 although any prospective new traders are welcome to apply for our waiting list in case any space becomes available.



Trader News

We are pleased to welcome Ironclad Miniatures as the 22nd confirmed IRONCLADtrader for Hereward 2016.

Ironclad Miniatures was founded in 2005 by John Lowen and they  are committed to producing well-made and researched models for gaming in a wide variety of scales and periods. They manufacture high quality models for wargaming in a variety of scales including 15mm, 20mm and 25mm amongst others.