Game: “Wonky Races”

We saw this piece of delightful insanity at Partizan earlier in the year, and just knew we had to bring it to Hereward.

What can we say… if you grew up when half of the committee did, you’ll recognise the kids’ TV race show that inspired it, and if not, you’ll enjoy it anyway. Gary Lyon and the Good Old Boys have produced some wacky (see what we did there?) two dimensional cartoon scenery and borrowed just about every trope from the genre they could lay their hands on. We don’t know if you get a medal for winning (by fair means or dastardly), but you could always ask… (medal… medal… medal!)

[Ok, that’s it,. the men in white coats have come for the chairman…]

Game: “Siege of Budapest 1945”

Our friends from Huntingdon and District Wargames Society are bringing a game set in the last months of ww2. In late December 1944-1945 the Soviet Army encircled the German and Hungarian forces in Budapest. Hitler forbade any withdrawal, and over the next six weeks the Soviets launched a series of attacks, finally breaking into the city in February. The game represents an area around the Vermezo park, which had been used as a landing field for supply gliders.

The rules are Crossfire, and the game is in 28mm scale.

Game: “Mosquito Strike: Norway”

We’re going to start following the Trader updates with a bunch of teasers for the participation games you will be able to join in with at the show.

First up – Cheshunt Wargamers are bringing a game set in Norway in WW2. RAF Mosquitos carry out a deep penetrating raid along a Norwegian fjord to hit German shipping and shore installations. Players take on the rôle of a Mosquito pilot, and work as part of a squadron to dodge anti aircraft fire and take out those primary targets and deal a harsh blow to the Nazis.