Traders: Dave Lanchester Military Books

February 5, 2020 Mike 0

Nothing makes us happier than returning traders: Dave has been a supporter of Hereward since the very first show, and we are very grateful not only that he keeps coming back, but clearly you folks spend enough money with him … [more]

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Trader: Peake Enterprises

August 27, 2019 Mike 0

Peake Enterprises will have secondhand board games, painted figures, painted and unpainted resin terrain available for your purchase.

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Trader: Christopher Morris Books

August 25, 2019 Mike 0

Almost done – our penultimate trader for Hereward 2019 is Christopher Morris Books Christopher sells a wide variety of titles covering Military, Aviation and Nautical themes, so he’s bound to have something that you’ll be interested in!

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Trader: Sleeping Dragon Hobbyshop

August 24, 2019 Mike 0

Sleeping Dragon are a newcomer to Hereward, and we’re delighted to have them. While there are plenty of miniatures companies plying their wares, and more than enough companies selling laser-cut MDF kits nowadays, there are very few places that a … [more]

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Trader: Creative Painting and Models

August 23, 2019 Mike 0

A newcomer to Hereward and a local, Creative Painting and Models supply an ever expanding range of tabletop war gaming miniatures and scenery. In addition, they are sculpting their own miniatures at the moment: Saxon, Vikings, 3rd & 4th Century, … [more]

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Trader: Ironclad Miniatures

August 22, 2019 Mike 0

A welcome back to Hereward for another year for Ironclad Miniatures, with a variety of ranges in 15mm, 20mm, and 28mm scales, including WWII terrain, Victorian Sci-Fi, Very British Civil War and more. Lots of original pieces you won’t see anywhere … [more]

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Trader: The Pit

August 21, 2019 Mike 0

The Pit Gaming Shop is a friendly gaming shop run by gamers and collectors for gamers and collectors. They provide a fast, efficient service with a wealth of knowledge, experience and excellent customer service. The Pit sells all types of … [more]

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Trader: Sarissa Precision

August 20, 2019 Mike 0

Our next trader should be familiar to many of you – it’s Sarissa Precision, purveyors of artistically burnt offerings in MDF in many useful and interesting shapes and scales, among other goodies 😀 (That means they make buildings and stuff, … [more]

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Trader: Firepower Games

August 19, 2019 Mike 0

Continuing through our list of traders for 2019, we welcome Firepower Games who will be bringing a range of interesting products for your delectation and delight, including Dust 1947, Wings of Glory, By Fire and Sword, Battlefront Miniatures (Flames of … [more]

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Trader: The Rift

August 16, 2019 Mike 0

Our next trader is our Friendly Local Gaming Store, The Rift. The Rift stock a wide range of miniature gaming products (including GW and Battlefront), as well as (lots of) boardgames, roleplaying games, CCGs, collectables and memorabilia. They’re another stalwart … [more]