Trader News

June 11, 2023 Reuben Turner 0

The last (for now…) trader that we are very pleased to welcome back to Hereward are probably the biggest name in historical gaming, producing well known ranges such as Bolt Action and Black Powder, it’s Warlord Games. We are most … [more]

Tangent Miniatures Logo

Trader News

June 8, 2023 Reuben Turner 0

The penultimate trader we can announce for Hereward 2023 is yet another new name to the show. Tangent Miniatures are producers of an eclectic range of miniatures covering topics such British and US comics, movies, television, sci-fi, fantasy, and pretty … [more]

Void Scar Miniatures Logo

Trader News

June 6, 2023 Reuben Turner 0

We’re nearly there with the trader annoucements for this year’s show, so without further ado we are pleased to welcome the 17th trader to Hereward 2023, it’s Void Scar Miniatures! Void Scar Miniatures are a small, but ambitious, tabletop miniatures … [more]

Trader News

June 5, 2023 Reuben Turner 0

The 16th trader attending Hereward 2023 is yet another new face to the show. Pandyman Entertainment is (according to their website), the world’s best manufacturer of Police, Paramedic, and Fire Brigade model kits for Wargaming, along with the ever-popular solo … [more]

Trader News

June 2, 2023 Reuben Turner 0

The 15th trader to confirm their attendance at this year’s Hereward show are yet another new face for us, please welcome Mammoth Miniatures. Do you like to sculpt miniatures, but don’t have the means to cast and distribute them yourself? … [more]

Trader News

June 1, 2023 Reuben Turner 0

The 14th (blimey!) trader attending Hereward 2023 are another ever present, so we are pleased to welcome back Ironclad Miniatures. Ironclad Miniatures produce a variety of ranges in 15mm, 20mm, and 28mm scales, including WWII terrain, Victorian Sci-Fi and more. … [more]

Trader News

May 31, 2023 Reuben Turner 0

The next trader we can announce for the 2023 show are first timers at Hereward but are attending shows up and down the country, please welcome Disain Studios! Disain Studios are 3D printers who have a catalogue of over 2000 … [more]

Trader News

March 27, 2023 Reuben Turner 0

We are pleased to announce that the third confirmed trader for Hereward 2023 is David Lanchester Military Books. David is a stalwart of the show scene, has attended every Hereward (for which we are most grateful!) and always has something … [more]

Trader News

February 2, 2023 Reuben Turner 0

Much work has been going on behind the scenes in the weeks since we announced that the show would go ahead this year and we are pleased to be able to bring you news of the first trader that has … [more]

Traders: Dave Lanchester Military Books

February 5, 2020 Mike 0

Nothing makes us happier than returning traders: Dave has been a supporter of Hereward since the very first show, and we are very grateful not only that he keeps coming back, but clearly you folks spend enough money with him … [more]