2023 Games Full List

Here is the full list of games currently booked to attend this year’s show. They are all participation games which means YOU can play them, so please make sure that you do! Don’t forget that discounted advance admission tickets are available saving you £2 off the on the day price. See the website home page for details.

Bridging the Brook – Huntingdon and District Wargames Club

Dambusters Challenge – Peterborough Wargames Club

Discworld Witch Racing – Grantham Strategy and Gaming Club

Exploit Zero – Colin Brett (Peterborough Wargames Club)

Maneouvre Group – Alex Handley

Millfield 1643 Peterborough’s Forgotton Civil War Skirmish – Grahame Middleton (Peterborough Wargames Club)

Pacific Beach Assault – Bedford Gladiators

Starwing – Alex Handley

Tank Hunting For Partisans – Doncaster Wargames Society

The Big Turkey Hunt – Big On Strategy

The Mysterious Case of The Steamer Uranus – Lost Ark Wargamers

T’is But A Scratch Sire! – Cheshunt Wargames

Trench Offensive – Pandyman Entertainment

What A Cowboy – Peterborough Wargames Club

Will the Last Marshal Out Switch off the Lights – Cranwell Wargames Club

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