Show Timings

Here are the important times for the show.

  • 7:00
    • Load in for traders starts
  • 8:00
    • Load in for games starts
  •  9:00
    • Doors open for tournament players (upstairs, Fitzwilliam and Milton Suites). If you are accompanying a tournament player but not playing yourself, there will be seats upstairs in the Gallery Suite where you can hang out until the main show floor opens
  • 9:30
    • X-Wing tournament starts
    • Game of Thrones tournament starts
    • Magic the Gathering tournament starts
  • 9:45
    • SAGA Melée starts
  • 10:00
    • Doors open for main show
    • Dreadball Regional starts
  • 3:00
  • 4:00
    • Main hall closes: please clear to allow traders and games to load out
  • 5:00
    • Last tournament finishes. There will be seats upstairs in the Gallery for those waiting for players.

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