Harald Hardrada free figure

As you will be aware if you made it to the show, Harald… didn’t. The box(es) of miniatures made it onto a UPS truck in Northampton and Friday, and there the story ends. As soon as UPS can figure out what happened to him (and perhaps have their manager call me from a number I can actually call back), we will let you know how you can get hold of your free figure. As of now, they appear to have less information than they did on Friday.

Once again, our apologies for this. Both we and Gripping Beast are extremely disappointed in UPS, and will be making every effort to figure out what happened and extract compensation.

One thought on “Harald Hardrada free figure”

  1. Hope they do turn up – Fingers crossed!
    Good show – double booked last year – but managed it this time round – very well done.

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