Guest: Dr. Harry Sidebottom

We’re delighted to welcome back historian, best-selling author, wargamer and all-round good egg Dr. Harry Sidebottom to the show this year, with copies of his various best-selling historical novels in hand for you to buy, and a Sharpie to sign then with.

He has been writing historical fiction set in his favourite period, the Crisis of the 3rd Century, since 2006 with the Warrior of Rome series, as well as a well-received book on Ancient Warfare (which our chairman has actually even read!). He’s also a very entertaining after-dinner speaker (as those of us who attended the club Christmas dinner a few years back can attest), and is a keen wargamer, so see if you can entice him to have a go at one of the games on offer! Harry will be on hand to talk about all of the above in his usual spot between the Concourse and Studio 2.

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