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Trader: The Rift

August 16, 2019 Mike 0

Our next trader is our Friendly Local Gaming Store, The Rift. The Rift stock a wide range of miniature gaming products (including GW and Battlefront), as well as (lots of) boardgames, roleplaying games, CCGs, collectables and memorabilia. They’re another stalwart … [more]

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Trader: Newline Designs

August 14, 2019 Mike 0

Newline Designs produce a wide range of detailed figures from Ancients through to ACW, in scales ranging from 10mm, 20mm, 1/72 and 28mm. This is their first time at Hereward, and we’re looking forward to checking out their ranges.

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Trader: Scotia Grendel

August 13, 2019 Mike 0

Scotia Grendel are another newcomer to Hereward (although club regulars may recognise at least one face behind the stall!). They produce a large variety of quality metal and resin models and scenery in a number of scales for wargamers, miniature … [more]

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Trader: Sphere Products

August 12, 2019 Mike 0

We’ve been trying to get these guys to the show for a couple of years now, and finally succeeded. Sphere Products do a wide range of hobby aids in laser cut MDF, such as paint stands, workstations, bottle holders, display … [more]

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Trader: Iron Gate Scenery

August 11, 2019 Mike 0

Next up, we have a newcomer to Hereward – Iron Gate Scenery. Iron Gate Scenery make a range of 28mm and 15mm 3d printed and resin Ancient, Fantasy, Pirate, Aztec, Modern & Sci-Fi Wargaming terrain, with new products constantly coming … [more]

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Trader: Warlord Games

August 9, 2019 Mike 0

Next up attending this year’s show are Warlord Games. Formed in 2007, Warlord Games are designers, manufacturers and distributors of finely detailed historical and science fiction miniatures in plastic, metal and resin. Since then they’ve released five core rule sets … [more]

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Trader: Colonel Bill’s

August 8, 2019 Mike 0

Coming back to Hereward 2019 are stalwarts of the show scene and Hereward regular supporters (thanks, guys!), Colonel Bill’s. The Colonel offers a large and comprehensive selection of mainly historical wargaming items. There are their own ranges – Depot Battalion … [more]

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Trader: Ainsty Castings

August 7, 2019 Mike 0

Next trader up is a Hereward ever-present. Yes it’s Ainsty Castings. Ainsty Castings manufacture wargaming miniatures and scenics in resin and White Metal and are an excellent source for Saga, Gripping Beast and Northstar miniatures. They’ve been a staunch supporter … [more]

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Trader: Lesley’s Bits Box/KR Multicase

August 5, 2019 Mike 0

The next trader we can confirm as attending this year’s show is another stalwart of Herewards past: Lesley’s Bits Box. Lesley sells a wide variety of pre-loved wargames models and accessories and also stocks most new Games Workshop releases at a … [more]

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Trader: Brigade Models

August 3, 2019 Mike 0

Our next confirmed trader for Hereward 2019 is Brigade Models. Brigade Models is a small outfit based near Maidstone in Kent, tucked away in the south-eastern corner of England, that specialise in producing quality gaming miniatures in both slightly-off-the-wall subjects … [more]