Thank you

So that’s another show done. We’d like to say a big thank you to our headline sponsors Gripping Beast; tournament sponsors Gripping Beast (again), The RiftShire Post MintBanter Behind the Throne and Mantic Games; Wayne and Wargames Illustrated; Karen, Alison, David and Grant at the Cresset; and to all our traders and game organisers. Additionally, we as a club would like to thank all our volunteers for helping shift stuff at the beginning and end of the day, but most of all you, a big thank you to you. the wargamers, for coming along and helping make it a great day. Many more attendees than last year – a rough count suggests that we had getting on for 400 not counting our traders and game organisers. Thank you all, and we’ll see you on September 3rd next year!

Still to come:

  • Tournament results
  • More on where Harald has got to!
  • Photos and more

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